East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Character Profile – Captain Asamatsu

And after the leading lady, one of the bad guys.
My favorite bad guy, actually, of all those that crowd the pages of The Ministry of Thunder.

14493A few years back I was talking with my friend Ken Asamatsu, the famous Japanese horror author and Lovecraftian scholar, and we were discussing the game HPL and his friends played, mentioning each other in their stories, and usually killing each other off.
And I promised Asamatsu-sensei that I would give his name to a bad guy in my first novel, and then kill him off in a horrible way. Which would be fun, considering that Ken Asamatsu is one of the kindest, most friendly people I ever knew.

Thus was born Captain Asamatsu Kenzaburo, Imperial Japanese Navy. Continue reading


Spreadsheets and action

I already discussed action sequences and combat and whatnot in a previous post. but we got talking, with my friend Claire, and I described how I use a spreadsheet to plan my scenes.
So why not share it, too?

Now, to me choreographing an action scene in a story is a fine balance of three processes

  • I have to imagine the sequence, run it in my mind like a movie
  • I must know exactly who does what and when, in what order etc.
  • I must find the right words to show it all on the page

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