East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Advance review copies

Early reviewer copies of Secrets in Scarlet, the new Arkham Horror anthology that includes my story City of Waking Dreams (set, just imagine, in Shanghai) are available via the NetGalley platform.

If you’re on NetGalley and wish to take a look at the book for free, then please leave a honest review of the book.

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The Indian Mutiny of 1857

cover93235-mediumI know, I know.
I’ve already bored you to death – repeatedly – with my old thing about doing research and having a hell of a good time doing it.
But that’s it – I normally have an inordinate amount of fun doing research for my projects.

For Hope & Glory (you know that’s the hot topic here, right now), I had the pleasure of taking a university-level course in the history of Colonial Britain, and I read and re-read a lot of great books.
And expanded in new directions – like finally getting into the history of the Mughal.

But then there’s the serendipity thing – like, NetGalley, where I often find interesting books to read and review, offering me a review copy of The Indian Mutiny of 1857, by Colonel G.B. Malleson. Continue reading