East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


One last crazy thing before the year is over

I will devote the next six days to writing the last story of the year – or, the fist submission of 2020. I just got a call for an anthology that promises to be fun, and different, and pays professional rates. It couldn’t be better, really, as it ticks off so many great boxes….

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The Far Pavilions, the Musical

So I decided to read a few books about India in 2015.
I’ve been trying to track a cheap copy of M.M. Kaye‘s The Far Pavilions for a while.
I was about to get me a paperback copy in English when I tracked a fine used copy of the Italian edition for about five bucks.
“Unknown binding” it said in the seller’s description… ah, the thrill of a small mystery.

Meanwhile, I found out a musical was made of this big romantic melodramatic adventure novel – after all, the theme was well suited to a stage adaptation with song and dance.

And here’s a few songs from the West End production – that despite what the poster said, did not last.
I usually find modern musicals weirdly disquieting – the adaptation of Hugo, Dickens and, indeed, Kaye, gives us people singing about pretty grim stuff.
And yet, Melodrama’s so much fun, as the poet said