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Introducing BUSCAFUSCO, a tough guy for the wine country

There’s been a project I’ve been sitting on for months now, and today I decided to give it a spin – the idea being writing a story in one day, and then clean it up, put a cover on it and then load it up in Amazon, and see what happens.
Work with pulp speed and pulp standards, to tell pulp stories.

So I did it.
I started this morning at 9.30.
It is now 5.30 pm as I am writing this, and I have 9000 words down, and about half as many still to go. And it seems to be working.
So, to give myself that extra push, I’m announcing it here straight away, and I’m also giving you a short behind-the-scenes and a cover reveal.
I hope you are interested. Continue reading

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Crusaders to Babylon

A short post just because.
Knights_Templar_SealChristendom (how pleasantly Medieval a word!) is cheering the election of the new pope – and turns out the family of the South American Jesuit now known as Francis the First was originally from the hills area where I live.
While the locals scramble to arrange something to surf the long wave of the Vatican election, I like to remember that from the Monferrato area a 13th ccentury crusade moved south and east, with the purpose of liberating Babylon from the infidels.
The crusade did not reach its purpose, or its destination, from the little I know – but it’s the sort of factoid Harold Lamb would have used as a starting point to weave a great epic tale.

The Monferrato territory was also seat of a number of Templar forts and churches.
Which is something I might explore – phisically – this summer.