East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Just a quick heads-up, today, to promote the Kickstarter for the English edition of Enascentia, a Savage Worlds setting made in Italy by the fine guys of Savage Worlds Italia and my friend Edoardo Dalla Via.

Fantasy, adventure, philosophy, mystery, magic and big swords.
Click on the image, and check it out.

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The Return of Feng Shui

For me, Feng Shui, the Roleplaying game, remains one of the best gaming systems and gaming universes ever.
Few other games have granted so much fun to me and my players.

Designed to allow players to engage in the furious action of the classic John Woo or Tsui Hark movies, bringing together in a single coherent setting everything from heroic bloodshed to wuxia, Feng Shui was the ultimate action roleplaying game, a perfect blend of elegant mechanics and jaw-dropping worldbuilding.

And now it’s back – and Feng Shui 2 is being financed through a Kickstarter.
As usual, WordPress does not allow me to post you the snazzy animated link… so we’ll make do with a static picture.


I paid my ghost money to the Dragon already.
I invite you to do the same.


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A roguish kickstarter

I’ve backed an interesting Kickstarter, yesterday, and I thought I might as well give a shout-out to my readers, becose it’s the sort of thing that might interest you. WP won’t let me share the widget-thingie they do in Kickstarter, so we’ll have to make do with a picture


The Blackguards anthology features many fine authors, and collects stories dedicated to rogues.
And yes, I’ve a thing for rogues that goes back to my dim and distant D&D days.

So, check it out – it’s worth your money.
There’s still 20 days to go – and the basic 15 bucks slot is just sweet.
Also, if they hit the 24K goal, they are going to give a raise to the authors – that’s something I like quite a lot!

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Albert Einstein, Pulp hero

Not a prompt, today, but certainly much food for thought.
I learned too late about this project to join the Kickstarter, but I think the world must see this gorgeous fake movie poster.
And just think about the possibilities!
(there’s links at the bottom of this post, should you need to learn more about the project).