East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Spies, monsters, musketeers and podcasts

These are confusing days – I’m working of fifteen things at the same time, and the time never seems enough. Which means the blog updates are becoming erratic, and I am sorry for that.
So, here’s a brief rundown of what I am doing, just to keep you in the loop.

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What a week!

Sometimes life gets better than fiction – and mind you, I write thrillers, fantasy and horror, stuff featuring pigmy zombie cannibals, so that “better” must be taken with a grain of salt.
A big grain of salt.

Last summer, while the pandemic was all the rage and the nation was going in and out of lockdown, some of my power bills got lost – never delivered, for some reason or other. I tried to get in touch with my power company, and got dead letter on the whole front – no reply to my mails, perpetual muzak on the phone.
I worried, but not that much – I mean, services companies always find a way to get their money, right?
So I waited for a signal.
I paid the bills as they came, and waited for developments.

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The Karavansara Blog Mailing List

Par_avionAs you probably noticed, I’ve added a mailing list to the Karavansara Blog.
I’m using Mailchimp, that seems to work just fine1.
The idea is to use this tool to keep my readers… to keep YOU, in other words, up to date about my activities – new ebooks and podcasts, new stories in magazines, online events and what not – and get you the information before I post about it on the blog… if I will post it on the blog at all.
This won’t be a high-volume mailing list, and it will not have a regular schedule.
You’ll get a mail from me in your mailbox only when there’s something I think might interest you.
And no spam, absolutely no spam.
And I’ll include mailing-list-exclusive special offers, Smashwords tokens and discounts on my ebooks, or free contents – because nobody can resist a bribe, right?

And for starters, should you subscribe (and I hope you will!), you’ll get a zip file with my short story Interesting Times in both epub and mobi formats, DRM-free.

interesting cover

It’s a weird story, vaguely decopunk, somewhat lovecraftian, quite pulpy, set in Shanghai.
Because you know I’ve got a thing about Shanghai.
So, sign up for the Karavansara Blog Mailing List, and get your free story.
Have fun!

  1. but please, let me know should you experience any problem withe the mailing system!