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Spies, monsters, musketeers and podcasts

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These are confusing days – I’m working of fifteen things at the same time, and the time never seems enough. Which means the blog updates are becoming erratic, and I am sorry for that.
So, here’s a brief rundown of what I am doing, just to keep you in the loop.

First of all, I am writing – a new story, that mixes espionage and horror, and brings me back to Paris in the 1950s, using some of the same characters I used in my old story A Spider with Barbed-wire Legs. This time it’s a game of hide-and-seek between secret agents, with a mysterious young woman as the object of the chase.
I need to finish this by Sunday night, as on Monday I’ll have to start working on a new project whose deadline looms closer.

But I am also staying in Paris for some extra research, as tomorrow night we’ll start the first online game of All for One, Regime Diabolique, a fun historical fantasy/horror roleplaying game set in the year 1636. The player are musketeers, and there’s something dark and dangerous haunting the streets of Paris. On the first night, we’ll probably have a lot of silly fun inventing tongue-in-cheek French names for the characters.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working together with my brother on the online/social presence of the podcast I produce and co-host. It’s now almost one year we’ve been on air, Paura & Delirio is developing a nice following in our country, and it was high time we landed on Pinterest and Instagram. And I’ve also done some reading and note-taking, on this podcast production side of the business – because as I am doing it, I might as well learn to do it right, and add it to my CV.

And of course there’s more movies to watch and schedules to be defined for the upcoming episodes of the podcast – including two huge specials, and the extra special episode that will celebrate the one year/fifty-two episodes mark. And watching old and new movies is of course a lot of fun, but still takes up at least two hours.

Finally, I’ve been looking through my library for more opening passages from great books, that I will post, dissect and discuss on my Patreon.

Busy times, as I mentioned.
But it’s better this way than the soul-killing apathy of the past year.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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