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Free Imps & Minions

The anthology Imps & Minions, that features my short story “Bottled Up”, is free on Amazon for Halloween. If you feel like reading a massive volume of fantasy stories about imps and other small-fry minions of evil, please download it.
I hope you’ll enjoy the stories, and feel like reviewing the book!


Imps & Minions anthology is out!

I am pleased to announce that the anthology Imps & Minions, edited by David F. Shultz, Don Miaesek and K.M. McKenzie is now available for purchase both in ebook and as a paperback via Amazon.

A hefty 500+ pages book, the volume collects 34 short stories about imps and other unusual critters in the service of powerful masters, and includes my short story Bottled Up.

If you are looking for some insight in the day-to-day lives of those who serve the evil overlords and carry out the nefarious errands of the black sorcerers… well, now you know what you need to read.