East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Projects dead and resurrected

storiumlogoAbout one year ago I discovered Storium, the collaborative narrative platform, and spent some of my hard-earned cash to get me a one-year subscription.
I had big plans, and I was going to do a lot of things, what with AMARNA coming and such.
Then I had to face the harsh reality: days last only 24 hours, and sleeping at least six is good for you.
So part of my big plans had to be dropped or re-scheduled, and my Storium projects went on the backburner. Continue reading


Welcome to Funeral Point

mana bros base squareI am happy to announce that the first… hmm, the first thing branded with the Mana Bros logo is about to hit the shelves.
As I mentioned a few days back, I’m working on a number of project, one of which is the translation of Il Sonno della Ragione, the indie horror/adventure game by my friend Alex Girola. The setting is very fun, and it’s the sort of gaming universe that gives you ideas.

Last night I went through a bout of insomnia – as it sometimes happens to me – and I started writing to pass the time. The end result is Welcome to the Neighborhood, a short story set in the universe of the game, and the first episode in a series that will go under the name of Funeral Point. Continue reading