East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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I’m facing a serious issue of tiredness.
Not burnout – ideas keep coming and I don’t know where to start first – but physical and mental fatigue.


Since May, I have published a story a week – shorts and novellas, gaming scenarios and articles, a whole roleplaying game and a short novel, and there’s more here waiting to be completed.
I have published in Italian and English.
Under my name and under aliases.
Traditionally and as a self publisher.
It should have been a bang.
And it was, really – today a contact from Israel, currently in Cambodia, asked me when the English version of my latest short novel (that I self-published in Italian today) is coming out. It’s the sort of request that makes me feel real good, because it means what I am doing is of interest. Somebody likes it enough to ask.
And I must thank all my readers that gave me feedback, that asked questions or made requests, all those that buy my stories, all my supporters on Patreon and my readers here on Karavansara.
Because the sense of emptiness and futility is sometimes overwhelming.
It saps the energies and breaks the spirit.
But it’s just a passing thing, of course, because I have readers.
I need to nail shut the box of AMARNA, and deliver the fourth Asteria, and then move on to other projects.
Thanks for humoring me here on Karavansara and elsewhere.
We’ll get back to our usual program in a moment.