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Genie in a bottle

Well, not exactly.
The main character in my fantasy story Bottled Up is an imp, not a genie. Taxonomy is important – I am a paleontologist, you see.
But the story sold anyway, to a Canadian anthology.
So this makes two short stories sold in one day.
And for this one I have already signed the contract.
I am incredibly happy. I might get used to this sort of thing, I think.

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A fantasy story, something completely different

So, the votes are in (had we not just left this party?), and unless some last-minute, momentous turn of events happens, it looks like I will be writing a whole new fantasy story for my Patreon supporters.

Screenshot from 2018-03-06 13-03-25

Which is fine with me – obviously, or I would not have listed it as an option.
I’m a bit sad about Asteria, but she was always the outsider in my catalog.

But I got more than votes – I got suggestions, too.
And I had plans and ideas of my own, so let’s see what’s on the plate. Continue reading