East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Back to the Dead Lizards

explorer pulpQueen of the Dead Lizards, featured in Pro Se’s Explorer Pulp was the first story I ever pitched to a foreign (to me) publisher.
I had a few articles and game scenarios under my belt, and I had a few English-language stories self-published through Amazon, but pitching a story to a proper publisher?
It was the first.
I did not believe they’d like the pitch, but they did – you really never can tell.
So, when I started working on it, I did myself a crash course in adventure pulp – just to be on the safe side.

TheFireOfAsshurbanipalGregStaples565BI re-read Howard’s Fire of Ashurbanipal and a selection of his El Borak stories.
I dug out two issues of the reprints of Oriental Stories.
I tried to get in tune with the language, the rhythm – I don’t know if I managed to acquire anything of that, but it was an important crutch for my morale.
And then I kept Languages of the Silk Road by Lonely Planet, and Odyssey Books The Silk Road by my side for reference.
Yes, I was scared.┬áBut then I got to work… Continue reading


Explorer Pulp – out now!

So it’s officially out and apparently, somebody already had the opportunity to read it: Explorer Pulp, the latest collection of stories by Pro Se Press features four pulp stories of adventure and exploration… and one of them is mine.

You can get the book through Amazon, or the publisher’s own website, or through Smashwords.
It’s available both as an ebook and a paperback, and it features a great cover and three great stories by three excellent writers.
And then mine – Queen of the Dead Lizards.
Check it out, and let me know what you think of it!