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My favorite elves

Roleplaying games are fun, and have two interesting side effects:

Side effect the first: they are good for learning a foreign language: my brother learned English through Dungeons & Dragons, and the little French I know I learned from the Sans Detour French edition of Call of Cthulhu. We talked about that already.

ElfquestSide effect the second: they are a great tool for discovering new books to read and (sometimes) new movies to watch. There is the old Appendix N in Dungeons & Dragons, of course, and the bibliographies of games such as GURPS Transhuman Space, Eclipse Phase and Trinity, that make for an excellent introduction to some of the best science fiction and science non-fiction, but there are also games based on literary works. The already mentioned Call of Cthulhu led a number of people to discover the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Supernatural Horror, and the Elric/Stormbringer games were probably a gateway to the works of Michael Moorcock for a whole generation.
In my case, one of the best things I discovered through roleplaying games was ElfQuest. Because I played the game before I read the comics.
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