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Ladies & Elephants

My friend Claire loves elephants, and of course we’re just a few day after the Elephants Day, and basically this is the long tail of the unreliable week, I just rewatched Mogambo, and so I thought… why not post a gallery of pictures of ladies with elephants?

More serious content is coming, but for the time being… send in the pachyderms!
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World Elephant Day

WED LOGOS CIRCLE_2015-1So, depending on your time zone, yesterday was the World Elephant Day, or today is the World Elephant Day for a few hours yet.

Elephants are majestic animals, creatures of wonder that have been with us throughout our history.
Transportation, heavy lifting, war machine, simple show of might and power, avataras of wise gods… humans have cast the elephants in a lot of roles.

And then there’s ivory, of course – a precious commodity, and the main reason why African elephants are an endangered species.

Now, when I think of elephants, there’s four things that come to my mind, as in a rush… Continue reading