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How did it go?

Do how did it go?, you ask.
And I say, my experiment of online writing, followed by an in-depth editing session by my friend Hell was quite instructive.

As I said in my previous post, to give myself some constraints, I picked up the Smith-Waite tarot I received a few weeks back as a gift, I shuffled it1 and picked three random cards: The King of Cups, Temperance and Death.
Nice start, what?

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Authorial exhibitionism

In the last few months I did a few session of public writing. I did two online, using Google Docs, and one in public, with my friend Fabrizio Borgio on the other side of the table, both of us pounding on our respective typewriters1.
Some compared this to exhibitionism, but I say, if it was good enough for Harlan Ellison, it’s good enough for me.

image typewriter

And the experiment was rather successful, so we decided to up the ante.

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