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Introducing the Nemo Dynasty

Domenico Attianese is a writer, journalist and screenwriter based in Italy, and a good friend. I am therefore quite happy to point you in the direction of Point Nemo, the first boon in the Nemo Dynasty series.
You can consider it, if you like, a pilot episode in a TV series.

The idea is simple – for generations the descendants of Captain Nemo have fought against the coming of the Great Old Ones, but now H.P. Lovecraft is about to unleash on our planet the scariest of these ancient horrors.
So, OK, maybe simple is not the right word…

Like the unholy child of Alan Moore and Jules Verne, with more than a hint of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, Domenico’s story is fast, furious and fun, and mixes pulp action with ancient horrors and a nostalgic look at our childhood heroes.
And yes, it leaves you wanting for more.
But that’s the idea.
So here’s hoping a lot of people buy this baby, so that the author will be motivated to write the rest of the series…