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Darker than you think, 1948

41YM1RXTFGL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Let’s admit it – of all the possible editions of Jack Williamson’s Darker than you think, I own the one with the suckiest cover.
It’s a fact, as you’ll see form the other images illustrating this post.
Fact is, I’ve been contacted by a friend, that asked me whether I was planning a post on Jack Williamson science-fantasy masterpiece. Which surprised me somewhat, as I was absolutely certain I had posted on this novel already.
But I was wrong.
False memories and all that.
So, to make up for my omission, I’m posting about Darker than you think both here and on my Italian blog.
It’s about a 1948 novel featuring werevolves, naked women and a sabretooth tiger. We can’t go wrong with that, right? Continue reading