East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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So what happened, exactly?

My friends Hell (yes, they really cal him like that) and Silvia came visiting the Belbo Valley and the Astigianistan hills.
The week started with a crocodile spotted in the area, and with a strong rain, reaching a staggering 80 mm (3 inches) over 6 hours.
Then the wind began.
In the night between Monday and Tuesday gale force winds hit northern Italy, causing panic and devastation.
Genoa was hit hard (hard as in – boats beached in the streets a quarter of a mile from the sea), and the Astigianistan hills were equally blasted.
Here where I live, we almost lost a window blind, and the following morning we found the courtyard strewn with mysterious wreckage.
And then the web went dead – no internet, no phone, no nothing.
For thirsty-six hours.


But, like, who cares?
We found a warm spot in which we holed up and we basically talked writing and books, ate the local specialty “farinata” (a dish that deserves a post by itself), drank assorted beers, and had a hell of a good time.

No news from the croc – I guess he’s found a lift from some trucker and is now cruising south.

Now vacation’s over – tomorrow we’ll be back in the rat race.