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In the wilderness: on death, betrayal and fear

They say you shouldn’t talk personal stuff on the web, because it’s only going to bring grief, but I don’t care.
So this is going to be a strange post – if I’ll ever post it – but let’s start somewhere good.
Let’s start with Emmylou Harris.
While I can’t say to be a country music lover (I am not), I have always loved Emmylou Harris.
Sometimes in 1990, more or less, I caught on the radio Harris singing “Boulder to Bimingham”, and on the following day I got myself the 1975 records, Elite Hotel and Pieces of the Sky.
What a beautiful voice!

Where is this going?
I’m getting there.

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No opportunity for boredom

The big news tonight was that the local parson has been quarantined, and his assistant hospitalized, being positive to COVID-19.
And, being an atheist, and having been for forty years and then some, the thing should not worry me – apart from the human compassion for people having a hard time.

Seven days ago my brother met the vice-parson. They kept at a safe distance and were both wearing face masks, so this is not a “proper contact” according to the emergency number we called as soon as we got the news.
No symptoms have surfaced so far – but my brother’s been nursing a bad cold this last ten days.

Bottom line – we are sitting tight, isolating at home, and counting the days.
We are also making plans to creatively ration our provisions – I was supposed to go on a supply run tomorrow. So we’ll have to manage with the little that’s left in our pantry, and the supply drop a friend will provide tomorrow.
So yes, fear, quarantine, and rationing.

Looks like 2020 is getting ready to close with a bang for the Mana Brothers.
I’ll keep you posted.

Also, I’ll need to have a word with God when this thing is over.