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Wouldn’t it be fun …?

That’s how usually it begins. You are there minding your own business, watching a movie, say, or reading a book, or listening to some music, and all of a sudden this idea pops up. Wouldn’t it be fun…?
And you are in rouble, because usually it would be fun – or at least you think it would be, and you start writing and… ah, that’s how it begins.
Case in point…

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Busty barbarian queens

Back in September, when I did my post about firm-breasted lawyers, in the comments section I vented my hope that by writing better stories we can build a better audience.

And yet… a few days back I crashed into a sword & sorcery plot synopsis featuring

busty and cruel queen Whatshername

And I thought – is the fact that she’s busty so damn important to the plot that we need to know about her busty-ness even before we buy the story?
Because that’s what we get about her – a name, her cruel personality, and her boobs.
And so ok, Whatshername’s cruel – it makes sense you tell me early, because this way I know who the bad guy is going to be.
A bit of a spoiler, but it figures.
But busty?
Am I supposed to buy the book because of that?
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Writing female characters

anaisnin1Now the title of this post is misleading but bear with me – will get there.

The lady in the photo here on the right is Anais Nin – and she wrote erotica.
Sorry… Erotica, capital E – she wrote Literature.
Now I do not know if this is true or if it is an urban legend, but I was told (or I read somewhere) that the first erotic novel of Anais Nin she wrote as a teenager, with a medical handbook close by for reference.

And I like that, because it confirms one of my ideas about writing:

write about what you know, no matter how you acquired that knowledge.

So, what has that to do with female characters?
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