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Gifts for writers, readers and other adventurers

Wool socks, scarves and other knitwear, that’s what Christmas is to a lot of us. Case in point: as a Christmas gift, my brother just bought me a wool cap to replace the one that got picked from my pocket a few days ago while we were in a crowd.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, wool cap thieves are a thing.
But what about a list of gifts for readers, writers and in general the sort of people that reads Karavansara?
My marketing guru assures me these posts have a huge impact during the festive season.
Let’s see if he’s right.
Oh, and yes, there’s affiliate links in this post – feel free to ignore them.

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The 2018 Christmas Book Haul, a gallery

Is there anything better than receiving a few Amazon Gift Credits for Christmas? Well, yes, there’s the fact that a few publishers are doing a massive holiday sale on their ebooks. And so one can indulge in that most decadent of pleasures–browse the Amazon shelves and just throw stuff in the shopping basket, without a care in the world.
Add the books that friends and family give you for Christmas, and you end up with a HUGE book haul.

So, why not put up a gallery?

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Unusual gifts idea

Every year, as the festive season approaches, I get a link-laden mail from the British Museum, that offers me a selection of merchandise from the museum shop, to enliven my gifts list. And indeed, who could resist to a replica of the portrait of Ashurbanipal, or a couple of replica Egyptian cats?

Ashurbanipal doing his thing in the British Museum’s shop.

These are the moments in which I am almost grateful I am going through lean times. I’d find it hard to resist, otherwise, just as I’d find hard to resist at the museum bookshop. I am saving a lot of money I don’t have.

But you guys out there take note – if you are looking for original, unusual gifts for your family and friends, checking out museum shops might be a great way to find a few ideas. And get a lot of weird looks on Christmas morning.