East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Sometimes being short of money brings some interesting developments.
Case in point: last week I broke my headphones.
This is a minor tragedy because my 6 euro headphones with mic were indispensable for videoconferencing, and for everything else: I share the home library with my brother, and we have our PCs five feet from one another. It’s impossible to listen to some music while writing, or enjoy a movie after hours, without a pair of headphones.

Just like a good keyboard or a good screen, a good pair of headphones helps making long hours of work more comfortable.
I mentioned already that I often work with a soundtrack for my stories.
Add to that my online courses and the videos I use for research, and the fact that my next work-for-hire involves listening to a few hours of lecturing… breaking my headphones was a minor disaster, that delayed my schedule for the whole weekend.

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