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Back from the con

I’m back from Cartoomics, the Milan comic and fantasy fair, and it was a hoot.
Great opportunity to meet some old and some new friends, and get lost in the crowd and the noise for a day.


And talking about the noise – you guys have no idea of what Hell is like if you’ve not been treated to a non-stop loop of  Renaissance1 music and Playstation-grade psaeudo-Wagnerian bombast blasted through a pair of cheap garage-band style amps with the dial up to 11. While the MC shouts stuff like “Here comes the Duke of Draconia!” or “Everybody into the Dungeon!” through a cheap mic, the whole in a huge convention hall that echoes like a Himalayan valley.
That was not fun.
When they started doing an impromptu rendition of Frozen – the Musical, things only got worse – and thanks goodness they cut the singing reindeer’s part.

But apart from that, what a great day!
I hope to get my hearing back one of these days.

  1. Renaissance the time period, not the band