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Mixed blessing

Today I found out, thanks to a shot from a friend, that I am mentioned in a recent book published in Italy, about the national science fiction and fantasy scene. Suddenly, and unbeknownst to me, I have been placed on the map of the genre.

Apparently I’m good.
Well, good enough to be mentioned, and endowed with a fair amount of sense of wonder. I am also recognized an expert of fantasy literature.

A pity the paragraph in which I am mentioned opens with the word “Purtroppo” – “Alas”. The book mentions that I am good – just as many others – but we are stuck with small presses and digital publishing. Alas.

I am proud and grateful for the mention, of course, and there would be a lot to say on small presses and digital publishing, but not today. And I find ironic that this mention arrives just as I have stopped writing fiction in Italian.