East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Black out

As you are reading this, we are offline – they are doing some maintenance work on the next street, and the whole neighborhood will be off the electrical grid until 2 pm.

So we have a double plan, me and my brother.
If it’s a good day, we’ll go for a long walk.
If it’s foggy or rainy, then Plan B will be stay in and catch up with our reading.

I am trying to put together a Halloween story, and being in the middle of nowhere without electricity is a good source of inspiration.


When the power fails

lightning-1… and so the lights went out – ZAP!1

As a result, my PC shut down, the CPU fan fizzed and not only I lost a lot of my work, but also had to perform open-heart surgery on the PC to try and get a fan working again.

Can you tell it was a swell Sunday afternoon and night, followed by a bleary-eyed Monday morning?
It was.

So now I’m back a few days on my schedule, but I’m also pretty happy to inform the world that I’m not dead yet.
I still live! like John Carter used to say.

And I even got an idea for a new project…
But I’ll tell you about that another day.

  1. the sort of thing that happens when the neighbour decides he’ll do some mantainance work and just plugs the wrong box.