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Radio Karavansara #3: Imaginary Girls

Nothing particularly clever for this new episode of Radio Karavansara, only a roundup of Imaginary Girls – some of them, like Sara, have been with me since my days in high school, others, like Gosport Nancy, are recent acquaintances. One of them, Lola, caused me no end of problems with my friends in university (and today would probably get J.K. Rowling’s knickers in a twist), and as for Pandora, she is a character in a few of my stories.

And because I did not feel like causing any embarrassment for the ladies, I have refrained from adding my voice to the transmission. I am sure no one will miss it – me least of all.

Enjoy the show, let me know what you think of the girls if you feel like, and stay safe out there!


A Sea Shanty

CSSAlabamaConsidering I’m writing a book about the sea, and ships, and privateering, it seems fitting to put up something in tune.

The CSS Alabama was a British-built Confederate privateer that for two years, during the American Civil War, harassed and raided Union ships in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.
It was a royal pain in the neck, in other words.
It was finally sank in sight of Cherbourg, in 1864 – and it had never once touched a Confederate port.
Strange story.

They made a song about it.
And here’s the great rendition by the extraordinary British folk band, Bellowhead.