East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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A piece of the action

I am very happy to announce that the new issue of Aurealis magazine, one of Australia’s premiere SF/Fantasy magazines, is out now, and in it you will find my science fiction story A piece of the action.

Aurealis #131 can be purchased via Smashwords, in a number of different formats to suit all your ebook reading preferences.

Check it out.

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Doing some literary detox

I’m not a good person, so I blame science fiction and fantasy fans.
Been around them too much lately – they bored me to death.
Or maybe, it’s the fact that I read – and wrote – too much genre stuff in the last months, and I’ve reached a sort of saturation.

I’m bored!, like Toyah used to sing.

So it’s time to do some serious detox – because without variety, everything you read (and write!) feels the same, and boredom ensues.
Therefore, in this month of May, I’ll stay clear of the fans, I’ll take long brisk walks and I’ll read history, and crime fiction.
And I’ll write… oh, well, a western.

And for a curious coincidence – or maybe not – I just fell in love with this mystery TV series from Australia, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which involves history, murders, guns, and a gorgeous, independent woman.

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