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Volcano Goddesses, Golden Dawns and Sorcerer Popes

It’s Sunday, the countryside is silent and dreary, yesterday people in decontamination suits walked the streets of our village decontaminating the area – a scene out of too many SF/horror movies – and today I decided I’ll be lazy, recharge my batteries and go through a collection of Athena Voltaire comics a friend sent me – I’ve been through Athena Voltaire and the Volcano Goddess this morning, I’ll devote the afternoon to Athena Voltaire and the Sorcerer Pope, leaving Athena Voltaire and the Golden Dawn for the evening
Because I meed a little of high-octane pulp adventure in my life.

And here’s a gallery of covers, for your entertainment (If you’ve not read the Athena Voltaire comics… you should)

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My weekend with Athena Voltaire

Scan_Pic0049I ordered it on the third of the month, and because I’m a Prime subscriber, Amazon said the book would be here in three days. The courier service confirmed my book would be here on the 9th.
For some, mathematics is something that happens to others.
And that, not counting the obvious delays caused by the snow.
But the book arrived on the 6th as planned, and so I was able to spend the weekend with Athena Voltaire.
And it was quite a good weekend indeed. Continue reading