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The Angels’ Marquess

I mentioned the Angélique movies in my last post, as an obvious inspiration for my new Asteria story, and I said I’ll have to write something about them.
Here goes – after all, this is sort of Other People’s Pulp.

220px-AnneGolon_AngeliqueTheMarquiseOfAngelsThere was a time, through the 1980s and the early ‘90s, when the five movies based on the Angélique series of novels were regularly shown on the TV, usually in the afternoon, for housewives to watch while doing the chores.
Later the same time slot would be filled with mind-boggling talk shows and reality shows, but back then anyone at home in the afternoon would get two movies back to back – usually a Hollywood classic and some romantic potboiler.
Angélique was perfect for the purpose. Continue reading