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Useful lessons, and where to find them

Yesterday I posted an article for my Patrons, in which I tangentially compared this writing business to being an adventurer.
And I know, it’s a romantic notion, it’s me telling stories about myself to paint a veneer of glamour over the tight budget and the overdue bills, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it: writing for a living is like setting off on a long journey to find the ancient ruins of the Lost City, or crossing an ocean on a sailing ship.

Having recently discovered the works of Alastair Humphreys, I’ve been reading Ten Lessons from the Road, a motivational handbook based on Humphreys experiences during his four years travelling around the world on a bicycle.

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Adventurers, for real

A while back I did a post called How to be an Adventurer.
It’s one of my usual rambling posts, but it also features a collection of articles about being an adventurer – what it takes, what you need, what’s great and what’s not of adventuring as a profession.

Now, this list of resources was pretty popular as soon as the piece was published, but then, as usual updating the blog caused it to slide down on the totem pole.

You can still find it through a Google search, and someone did.

I was contacted by the fine guys that manage the Abroadio website, because they too did a piece on adventuring – and found my list through Google.


Well, their article is just great, and you will find it here.
And I had half a mind of adding it to the list of resources in that old post but then…
why not do a proper page on the subject?

So here we go – now there’s a page on Being an Adventurer.
You find it in the top right corner, in the pull-down menu.

And I plan on keeping it up to date – so please if you find an online resource about living the life of an adventurer in the modern day, please drop me a line.
Thank you!