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The news is that various areas in Italy are reaching the peak diffusion of the virus, and therefore the lockdown will be further restricted. Yesterday a wild story was circulated about army checkpoints and anti-contamination kits being distributed, one per family, and a lot of other rubbish. Easy to debunk, but a lot easier to spread, given the current psychological state of the citizens.
People fabricating such stories should be sent to clean the bedpans of the sick in the hospitals.

And incidentally, saying things like the last line I wrote is being denounced as a clear sign we are all turning into fascists: we should not invoke the punishment of those that in the end are just exercising their freedom.
It looks like some are so afraid of authoritarianism (that indeed is a true risk of this situation), that they end up condoning crimes (because spreading fake news in time of emergency, with people’s lives at stake, is criminal).
And today I chanced on an article written by a philosopher about how the lockdown is a proof of how modern man values life more than liberty and other such crap – the body count keeps rising, but the philosopher in question still talks about “alleged viral pandemic”. Some people focus so much on the world of ideas, that the real world seems to lose its reality for them, turning into just anther thought experiment.

But the approaching peak has a much more practical and immediate effect: it means we will have to start keeping a closer eye on our supplies. So I sat down with my brother, and we did a quick check, coming to the conclusion that we still have 10/12 days of food supplies, and then I’ll have to go on a resupply run. But admittedly, in 12 days the peak should have come and gone, one way or another.

We all know this will be a long and painful time, but I am happy to see that – excepted a few “philosophers” out there – the men and women out there are keeping up. The number of idiots breaking the quarantine is going down (but the number of people denounced for breaking quarantine daily exceeds the number of new cases of contagion) and fake news and fear-mongering are kept under control.

We will get out of this – and then we’ll have to work at our best to avoid another post-crisis slump.
But we will make it.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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