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Writing, reading, making plans


In this month of August 2019 I will have to churn out something like 75.000 words, between stories I am already contracted to write, and translations. That’s a load of work, but the hope is I’ll be paid (I usually am, but not always) and therefore I’ll have a certain security for the last months of the year. It would be good to be in the green for a while.

So don’t get fooled by the photo (it’s there to keep ME in a good mood): I am devoting eight hours a day to writing, and at least two to reading – because I need distractions and fodder for thought. It’s not that heavy a schedule, because in these three years I have learned to pace myself – more or less.
I will still do my best to post here at least once per day, and I’ll keep doing my posts for The Earphone Diaries.

But I am also making plans for the future – there’s two BIG projects looming and currently waiting for approval that should keep me busy in September and later next winter. These are two very different writing jobs that I’m really anticipating, and I hope they’ll come through – and they need a modicum of preparation. Hence, more reading… but fun!

And I am also making plans for next autumn – I would like to make this blog grow, and also my Patreon page.
I’m working on a few ideas, such as a giveaway and other promotions.
I’m not a marketing genius, but I’ll work out something.
Suggestions are, of course, quite welcome.

Finally, I found a very interesting exercise in Natalie Goldberg’s book I’m re-reading – something I had forgotten about: Six Words Memoirs.
That are basically just that: a personal memory, caught in six words.
I think I’ll try something like that during august. It’s a good way to learn economy, and also to connect writing and personal experiences.
Would be perfect for Twitter, hashtag and all…

I’ll keep you posted.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “Writing, reading, making plans

  1. 75k in one month? Good heavens, that is a lot! Good luck!


    • More than half is translations, which means my brain will be working in a very different way than when I write my own stuff.
      And I’m going to dictate a lot of the translated text, so it’s going to be easier on my hands.
      But yes, it’s a lot of work – and I’m not complaining!

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