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Targets, improvements and two questions


It’s September the 30th, and Karavansara has just topped 6000 views this month.
This is the highest number of views since we started, six years ago. It’s actually six times the number of views we had on our first month.
So, first of all, thank you for being my readers.

The average number of views per months has grown from 33 to over 200 over six years. This means that Karavansara is growing, but it is still a small blog, and that’s fine. But even keeping it small scale, there is room for improvements.


In the next months I’ll work to keep the numbers growing, of course, but without sacrificing the quality, if any, of my contents. I’d like of course Karavansara to be faster, better, stronger, and I’ll work on it – just as I’ll work to increase the number of my Patrons on Patreon, by improving the contents I’ll offer as rewards.
It’s going to be a busy autumn.

And I have a question for you, or two.
When Karavansara started we had a weekly schedule for our posts, but halfway through the run the schedule was simply abandoned.
Would you prefer Karavansara to go back to a weekly schedule, sort of “if this is Thursday, then I’ll get a movie post”?
Or the anything goes attitude of the current blog’s fine with you?
A mix of the two, maybe?

Also, are there topics you’d like to see covered?
I have been asked once or twice to do a few posts about the long lost Italian horror/pulp magazine, I Racconti di Dracula, and I’ll cover it in the next weeks, as Halloween approaches. But is there anything else?
Would you like more history, more old books, more new books, more about my writing or writing in general, more… what?
Any other suggestion?
Please let me know. The comments are open. Thank you.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

7 thoughts on “Targets, improvements and two questions

  1. And here I fall miserably. Someone asks me what I’ll prefer between two blogging schedule system and I’m here, arguin’ with myself on what choice would make life easier for the one who asked me. Anyway, I find more appealing the free-schedule system.
    Second question and I have to draw a line: I can become incredibly specific when I talk about what I like or what I want. I’d like to know more about Elizabethan theatre. I’d like to hear the stories of earth scientists, Arctic and Antarctic explorers, oceanographers and geographers.
    Ps: Since it is clear your interest in the silk road and the Central Asia areas, are you aware of Sergei Parajanov’s filmography?


    • Thank you for your answers.
      I am not the man for Elizabethan theatre, that being my friend Claire (that is not a man, but OK…)
      I will ask her if she feels like doing a guest post, or suggesting some topics.
      Stories about explorers and other footloose scientists? Why not?! I’ll put together a list of possible subjects.
      And I am aware of Parajanov’s work, but I am not overly acquainted with it – I think I saw The Color of Pomegranates and little else. I’ll make some inquiries.


      • If I’m not wrong I discovered Parajonov indirectly through you. An excerpt from “Asik Kerib” was used as video for Graham Bond’s song “Lost Tribe” you once linked during the Aculeo&Amunet Launch Party. That kind of cinema d’essai you can only watch alone or inside some cineforum and that will surely grant you strange gazes and some titles and epiteth like “The ridiculously pompous Dr. Snob”. Even if it is passed almost one decade I still remember the “What the hellish” glance I once gained answering “Yesterday? I watched Pignaverde e Pignasecca, a stageplay with Gilberto Govi”. If I have to look pompous at the eyes of others, I hope at least to look like George Alriss, at least.


  2. Be free from any kind of schedule. Let the ideas flow and the lurkers suffer.


  3. I’d like a post schedule, mostly to make sure I get my weekly dose of my favorite topics.
    And as for the topics: more Role Playing. From the state of industry to game design, from archeology to expectations for the future.


    • Suggestions noted.
      I am trying to devise a loose schedule – some fixed post topics on fixed days, and then a free-for-all.
      And yes, I will be writing more about RPGs.
      Old RPGs, maybe new RPGs.

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