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(Almost) One Year of Patreon


patreon_iconIn two months it will be one year I am on Patreon, having launched my profile in November 2017.
A celebration is in order, especially considering I was told it would not work, and instead it did.

So, here’s a few items that are lined up for my Patrons.
I’ll expand on each one in the next days and weeks, but for the time being…

Loose Ends, part 1 – the caveman fantasy novella and the first Pelerine story will come in October and November, and they will be Patreon Exclusives.
The stories went on the backburner for a number of reasons, but now they are being polished and set straight.

Loose Ends, part 2 – the final Asteria novella and the final chapter of AMARNA, that will come in October and November too, and that my 5 Bucks Brigade supporters will get for free, and will otherwise be distributed as usual via Amazon. Once again, real-life problems caused me to put these two projects on hold, but they are ready to get going again.

The Karavansara Open Bar – I am experimenting with Discord, and the thing seems to work fine, and is supported by Patreon. Starting in October, I’d like to set up chats with my patrons on a regular basis.

A BUSCAFUSCO Christmas – in December, I’ll hit my patrons with a pack of Belbo Valley mysteries: Saints & Witches in English for my English supporters, and the first two Buscafusco novellas in Italian for my Italian supporters.

An as yet unnamed non-fiction book – history, supernatural, science, weirdness…? Nazis on Mars? Dinosaurs in the Hollow Earth?
Who knows? I think it’s high time for me to hit my Patrons with some non-fiction, and what better opportunity than the first anniversary?

And possibly more.
Much more.

So, watch this space and if you think it proper, spread the news.
I’ll keep you posted.
Oh, and if you have any suggestion about other perks, please use the comments.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “(Almost) One Year of Patreon

  1. Asteria, Amarna and Bucafusco all coming over the next 3 months. So it’s going to be a good end to 2018! 🙂


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