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Better Never Told: Day One

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OK, first day done, and it was quite fine – so far so good.

Kitchen egg timerI did not change my routine today: I was able to go to the post office, do some shopping, cook lunch and then take care of my mail and socials.
I translated 3000 words on a project I’ll have to nail shut in two days, I helped my publisher revising a translation I did for him, and then I wrote a post about writing and prostitution for my Italian blog (don’t ask). I even did my Duolingo exercises (and I am now on 8th level in both Spanish and French – great way to dust off old skills, Duolingo).

I set up a file for Better Never Told on Scrivener, creating eight text documents: one for the front matter, and the other seven one for each day.
I plugged in my earphones in the PC, and I started listening to some music, to avoid external interferences.
Today’s choice: Liege & Lief by the Fairport Convention, and Hourglass by Kate Rusby (so maybe this is the reason why she is mentioned in the story).

FolderThen I started writing at 6.30 pm and wrote 500 words in half an hour.
Then I stopped to cook some turkey steaks for dinner.
I got back to work at 7.40 and wrote for fifty minutes, bringing the word-count up to 1900 words.
Then I took another pause.
Beginnings are always difficult for me because I need to find a voice for my story.
Right now I am writing this in the first person, because I think it suits the genre and it helps a short, fast narrative.
My main character is called Rose – I like female characters, and once again, a woman works fine in a horror story.

I’m still not very sure this is a good start, but it’s a start.
So I got back to work at 9.00 pm and I worked to 10.15, when I stopped at 3300 words – 10% more than required by the challenge, a little extra that might come in handy in the next days.

Then I brewed me some tea and I wrote this post, and later I’ll write one for tomorrow.

So far, everything seems fine.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow should not give me any serious problem, providing I find a way to get the story moving forward. Because I’m winging this – I have a pair of plot points I know are going to show up, but the rest is still very much improvisational.
The fourth day will be critical – on Thursday I shall write 6000 words, just as the story is likely to start sagging, as it usually happens when one hits the first third.
But I think I’ll make it.

Oh, yes, I also brought in a pair of minor characters from the Buscafusco stories – because this novel is set in the same place, so why re-invent the wheel?

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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