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Writing the blues away


The post for today did not go online as planned, due to a web glitch while I uploaded it.
This is bad!
Here’s the belated post.
Sorry sorry sorry.

old-typewriterI’m going through a writing bout – partially caused that my professional life has come to a complete standstill after my PhD dissertation.

So I’m sending CVs around, and writing like there’s no tomorrow.
Because, in all fairness, there could be no tomorrow.

To me, ebooks and author-published stories are really today’s pulp racks.
Which means I suddenly understand in a very hands-on way what being a hack in the golden age of the pulps might actually feel like.
A heady mix of dread and exhilaration.
Ideas come freely, and writing them is easier than usual.
As long as this lasts, I’m on a roll.

And so, I’m churning out stories.

I already told what’s going on with Aculeo & Amunet.
I launched a new series of horror tales set in the rural areas of southern Piedmont, right here where I live – three eboks out already, with three distinct different styles (one lovecraftian, one a psychological horror, the third a racy weird romp), and there’s two more stories coming.
I’m putting the finishing touches on a new collection of science fiction, steampunkish stories – that will hopefully be out within a week.
I’m working on two more books in my series of translations of public-domain stories in the general field of fantasy adventure.
And I’ puting together a few articles for various (hopefully paying) magazines.
And I’m working on an anthology submision.

Oh, and there’s a full-fledged roleplaying game supplement I’m going to deliver in 30 days.

As I said, I’m writing because there is nothing else to do.
I don’t feel like spending my afternoons laying on my back looking at the ceiling.
Sitting by the phone (or by the email client) waiting for a call that does not came can cause a certain apathy.
But writing, that’s the opposite of apathy to me.
I’ve to come up with novel ideas, new people to people my stories, and I have to keep my attention up when it comes to language, structure, storytelling.
The crisis, the chronic lack of money, simply act like a spur, giving me even more urgency.
So, I’m typing away, and the blues are not an issue.

Maybe it does not keep the wolf away from the door, but sure as hell it keeps at bay the depression that goes with the wolf.
Keeping sadness and depression at bay is absolutely vital.

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Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “Writing the blues away

  1. I’m putting the finishing touches on a new collection of science fiction, steampunkish stories – that will hopefully be out within a week.

    *_* I can’t believe it!
    That’s absolutely GREAT!
    It will be out within a week… you promised! 🙂
    I can’t wait to read it!


    • The only problem right now is, it’s growing out of control, and I need to have it finished by May the 1st.
      But apart from the fact that looks like it will be 20%/30% longer than expected, if looks fine, if I say so myself 😉


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