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Jade Yeo in Bloomsbury

I was mentioning my lack of experience in the field of romance, and as luck would have it, I ended up with a romance novella on my reader.
A classic case of fuzzy serendipity.

Zen Cho, a young fantasy writer from Malaysia, has been on my radar for a while – ever since her Sorcerer to the Crown made quite a splash.
And the other day, as I was browsing Amazon, as one does, I spotted a short work by Cho called The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo.

What can I say?
It was short, it was cheap, I bought it.
And only later I discovered that it is not a fantasy, but rather a romantic comedy set in 1920 London, following the titular Jade Yeo, straight out of East Asia and working as a reviewer for a magazine, as se gets swept in the heady lifestyle of the Bloomsbury Circle.
The author self-published it a while back, and it’s a fast, entertaining read.

And a lot of fun it is, mixing historical elements, sharp satire e biting wit, and yes, a good dose of romance.
But now I am even more interested in reading Zen Cho’s fantasies – because she’s an excellent writer, from what I was able to see, and I am quite happy with this fortuitous and entertaining discovery.