East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Planning ahead

Supplies, check; books to read, check.
Videogames, check.
A new RPG campaign we’re playing over the web? Check.
Writing and translation jobs that will hopefully pay the bills for 2021… check(-ish).

Starting today, and for an unspecified time, I won’t be able to leave the boundaries of my town – orders from the government, because we are in the Red Zone. It’s Lockdown, Season 2 – and it promises more thrills and chills, and in general the plot will slowly but steadily go down the sink. As it happens with sequels.
But you can expect more posts as the situation develops.

And so, as a final essential for this new exile and isolation term, I also enrolled in a number of online courses and events – most of then offered for free by the British Writer’s HQ.
Because I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft – and to pass time here in the sticks, as winter makes the countryside drearier that usual.

One of the things in particular I signed up for is an Advent Calendar-like cycle of exercises, prompts and things.
You can check it out HERE, with all the rest of the nifty stuff the guys and gals at Writers’ HQ are offering.

Let the plague sweep the land. We’re all set.