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World Ocean’s Day 2018

Today is the World Ocean’s Day, and I will celebrate it by sitting here, at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean, writing a chapter of a book about a sea monster.


Tethys was ocean that occupied an east-west corridor between Gondwana and Laurasia during the Mesozoic. In the following two-hundred and fifty million years the Tethys basin and its sediments were involved in the breaking up of continents, in the opening of the Atlantic and the Indian oceans, and in the Alpine event that caused the formation of the highest mountain chains in the Old World.
Snippets are preserved, folded inside of the moutains, or as sedimentary rocks.
Here where I sit, this used to be a shallow water lagoon (probably), in which sharks swam. Continue reading

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World Oceans Day 2016

Today, June the 8th, is the World Oceans Day.

world oceans day

The tagline of this event is healthy ocean, healthy planet.
I couldn’t say it in a straighter, simpler way.

My long-standing fascination with the oceans is well documented.
I came this >< far from taking a second degree in Oceanography1.
The sea still features heavily both in my “serious work” (in which I study fossil plankton to help define the state of health of ancient and modern seas) and in my “moonlighting” work as a writer.
The sea is often part of my stories.
But I don’t want to plug my stories today. Continue reading