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Treasure hunting

fortune & glory smallIn a week I will be following a MOOC on Antiquities Trafficking and Art Crime (University of Glasgow), together with a course on Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds (University of Southampton).
Yes, I’m doing this both for fun and as documentation for future stories – and it will be eight hours per week, for four weeks, well spent.

It’s quite suitable, therefore, that the postman just delivered my copy of Fortune & Glory, by David McIntee, published by Osprey Adventures.

The book is subtitled A Treasure Hunter’s Handbook, and is filled with the sort of information I might need were I to drop my current boring life and start down the same track followed by the likes of Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake. Continue reading


Hunting sunken treasures

The first comment I got when I shouted “Wow! This is just great!” was along the lines of “Sounds like the sort of junk Clive Cussler writes.”
Talk about feeling alienated.
But let’s proceed with order.

1111bigOne of the few perks of living smack in the middle of Southern Piedmont is, in two hours I can be on the Cote d’Azure.
The sun, the sea, acres and acres of nubile, scantly clad young women stretching on the beaches…
And I normally end up in some antiquarian bookstore.
They even publish (or used to) a map of antiquarian bookshops in the Nice area.

So a few years back I was browsing the stalls of one such small Alladin caves of librarian wonder, and I caught me the three volumes of the Born Free series, first edition, and to round up the bill, I threw in a weird little book called Treasure Diving Holidays, by Jane and Barney Crile.
The book – a 1954 first edition – once bought and brought home, was placed on a high shelf together with other sea-oriented books, and soon forgotten.
Which is all right – I’m quite convinced books should be read at the right moment, so sometimes forgetting them on a high shelf is just what’s needed.
Then, when the time comes… I need some color and information for some seafaring stories I’m planning, and I go and rediscover this hidden gem.

What’s it all about? Continue reading