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The ’20s – building a reading list

I need your help to build a reading list of history books about the 1920s.
Now, let me explain…
I was told, back when I was in the Air Farce, that we cannot learn anything from history, and that history is just a collection of facts put together by the victors, and has no value.
I do not think so. I did not think so back then, and I do not think so now.

I have been joking about the fact that in a few days the ’20s will be here again: flappers, charleston & foxtrot, and adventure await…
That’s what we normally associate to the ’20s – The Great Gatsby and all that.
But the ’20s also saw the rise of populism and totalitarianism (read the news, recently?), social and financial crisis and the headlong rush towards yet another war.

So I decided I’ll put together a reading list about the 1920s, to see if something can be learned from history, and to be prepared – and what the heck, it could always serve as research for future stories.

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