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Four Weeks/One New Skill: Three balls juggling

So apparently my knitting needles will arrive tomorrow, while my yarn is still missing-in-action, lost somewhere in the wild – and this means I won’t be able to start my knitting (self) challenge in the month of February. But still I do not want to waste this perfect month – four weeks starting on a monday.
Sop I had to find a plan B.

And because my brother will not allow me to practice the blues harp while he’s working six feet away from where I sit, and because Texas Hold’em, while a fascinating subject, would have meant reading a book and then spend time playing against a computer, I decided to go with three-balls juggling.

The reasons:

  • it sounds like a reasonable pursuit
  • and something I can do in four weeks
  • I do have a set of juggling balls hereon my shelf
  • instruction can be found for free on the internet
  • it’s a physical pursuit that is good for the brain
  • it might turn into a last ditch way to make a buck should I lose everything
  • (but hopefully it won’t come to that)

And so here we go.
Today I started by tossing and catching a single ball in my right hand, and then in my left. Not exactly rocket science, but what the heck, one needs to start somewhere, and this is the kind of exercise you can do while watching a movie.

But anyway – the February Four Weeks/One New Skill is on.
And it’s generally pretty fun.