East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Ten Thousand Daggers

I’m hard at work on a short scenario for Savage World, that will be published in Italian in the forthcoming Almanacco dei Mondi Selvaggi 2017, a special book filled with Savage Worlds gaming goodness, prepares especially for the Modena Play gaming fair.

My Savage Tale will be a pulp number, and will be called The Ten Thousand Daggers of Madame Yen Sin.
It was outlining the thing that I realized I have a real hard time writing in Italian – I think the text in English.
I’m getting too old for this thing.

Setting up the scenario was also a great occasion to go and re-watch Josef von Sternberg’s The Shanghai Gesture, as the main-villainess and dragon lady in the story is based on the character of Madame Gin Sling, as portrayed by Ona Munson.


In case you are curious, I covered the movie in an old post.


Now I only have to figure out what Madame Yen Sin is going to do with her ten thousand items of cutlery, and then hit the editor with the finished product.