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New pitch and an old masterwork

I’m currently working on a new pitch – a very long shot, this one, about which the less said the better.
An alternate history crossed with a supernatural horror/dark fantasy.
The call has some very specific elements, and somehow it got me thinking of vampires and King Arthur.
Pendragon… Dracula… I’m using Son of the Dragon as a working title.

dragon-waiting-coverSo I’m jotting down ideas, but in the meantime I was reminded of the beautiful The Dragon Waiting, one of the best fantasy novels I ever read.
It was published in 1983, and written by John M. Ford, that always struck me as an author deserving of more success.
The novel, subtitled A Masque of Time won the World Fantasy Award for best novel, but never received the accolades it deserved.
Let’s just say that it’s a weird mix of alternate history and fantasy, set in the middle ages but with the long shadow of the Roman Empire hanging over the proceedings. And yes, an Arthurian myth.
And vampires.
I cannot recommend this book enough – it was reprinted in 2002 as part of the Fantasy Masterworks line, and that’s when I discovered it.
If you like sword & sorcery and supernatural fantasy, check it out.