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Rip Torn and Freddie Jones

Today we lost two great character actors, that we mentioned in the past when we were talking about lost franchises.
Rip Torn was Maax in The Beastmaster, from 1984, and Freddie Jones was one of the many fine British actors that appeared in Krull, in 1983.

Both actors had many other genre credits in their CV – most notably Men in Black for Torn and Dune for Jones.

They will be missed.


Raiders of the Lost Franchise: The Beastmaster (1982)

The second of the three “not so bad” sword & sorcery movies of the early ’80s features a tiger dyed black, an eagle that normally refused to fly, two weasels and one of Charlie’s Angels, the latter in a role that had been written for Demi Moore. And Rip Torn was in it, too, in a role that had been written for Klaus Kinski.

We are talking of course of Don Coscarelli’s The Beastmaster.
And it’s not really bad. It’s just not very good.

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