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Windy day

The weather is breaking. It’s not so cold anymore, and the days are windy and the sun bright. The grey cat is back, and he wants food, when he’s not laying in the sun, an eye out for intruders. And as it usually happens when there’s a wind, my bones ache and my muscles are cramped.
After the deep winter lethargy, I am moving on to spring crankiness.
Then it will be summer heat fatigue, and crankiness again with autumn.
The only way to feel all right is probably move to a tropical island, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

In the first 60 days of 2021, I submitted a total of 24 stories, articles and pitches – and managed to sell six against four rejections so far. A great start, if a lot of hard work.
And this morning I signed a contract for a ghostwriting gig – which means an advance is coming, and if it’s true I’ll have to spend six weeks working hard, it also means we’ll be able to get our bills covered to the summer.
So, yes, things are going the right way.

And really, if there is a problem right now – apart from the aching bones due to the windy weather – is the fact that I need to write faster, or decide what projects will have to wait for a better time.
And there’s just too many great opportunities right now on my plate.
A nice change – while we are back in the Orange Zone, and we cannot leave our village.
But this is also a positive thing – the overwork does not give me time to feel the stress of the general seesaw of small-scale lockdowns, quarantine and continued precautions.

So yes – if you don’t see me around too often, it’s basically because I am writing.

But there’s other stuff coming, for the blog too.
Like that guy said, running is after all just keeping falling forward.
I’m getting good at it.