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New markets: Smashwords

styleguideTime to try something new.
All my ebooks can be found on Amazon, and I never had any real problem with mister Bezos and his umpa-lumpas.
But I have always been curious about Smashwords, where I did buy a few ebooks but was never sure enough of my formatting skills to actually go and upload my works.
The dread Smashwords Meatgrinder was pretty scary, and I heard a lot of horror stories about mangled books and what not.
I read the Smashwords style guides, but still I was scared.
Then, this morning, my friend Brent Millis (aka Made in DNA) published this article

The Minimalist Guide to Formatting Your eBooks

… which is pretty straightforward, and I thought, why not?

So I took the Buscafusco file, added a few things that Smashwords requires, eliminated a few that Smashwords does not like and lo and behold!… BUSCAFUSCO: Women & Children is up and running. Continue reading


Planning for 2015

sextantI was reading this interesting post on Percival Constantine’s blog, the other day.

Now, I’m always thinking in serials, when I write.
Granted, I wrote a few one shots, but – probably due to my preferences in reading – I tend to prefer short fiction that goes in series.

Right now I’m working on my first English-language novel (I know, I know, I told you so already, ad nauseam), and I’m thinking of it in terms of the first episode in a serial.
I’ve two other stories featuring the same character – both currently in the form of a logline, but promising.
Then, of course, we’ll see what the publisher and the readers have to say about that.

As soon as I deliver the finished novel, I’ll start on my next project – once again, a serial. Continue reading


Author events for digital books

local-author-meet-and-greet-73Author events and presentations.
I like those a lot.
I was at one, yesterday evening.
Quite instructive experience.

And it got me wondering – I’ve twenty ebooks out now, covering a wide range of genres in fiction and non fiction.
A presentation might be a good way to move a few dozen copies, and also do something completely different.
A change of pace, a chance to connect with the readers.

But the point is – how do I go about it? Continue reading