East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Raiders of the Lost Franchise: Sky Pirates (1986)

The year 1986 was clearly a good one for Indiana Jones wannabes and unlikely first chapters of franchises that never went beyond the first chapter. In the first episode of this series, we’ve seen how in 1986 good old stalwart British pulp hero Biggles was let down by a confused execution and a misguided “update”. This time, we get a movie that features…

  • ancient astronauts
  • Easter Island
  • Stonehenge
  • the Sea of Lost Ships
  • the Philadelphia Experiment
  • space-time distortions
  • conspiracy theories
  • Melbourne (for that little extra exoticism)
  • World War Two (but just a hint of it)
  • and a lead called Dakota Harris

It was shot in Australia, and it is, of course, the 1986 adventure … ehm, classic, Sky Pirates (aka Dakota Harris).

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