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Three skills (and a hobby)

Three things I will never forgive to my old school:
. The fact that they were never able to teach me mathematics properly
. The fact that they not only did not teach me music, but actually scared me away from it for a decade
. The fact that they completely killed my early passion for sketching

This is particularly frustrating because these are communication and self-expression skills (yes, maths too) skills that are also highly marketable.
Later I tried and taught myself what had been left out by inadequate teachers and poor school programs, but self-taught achievements are not the same one could reach had school done its part. Continue reading

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calendar2The next thing I’ll have to buy is a calendar – one of those big, square calendars with great artwork and a square box for each day of the month.

The reason is my writing is turning into a full time activity – after all, nothing else moves, writing and selling my stories is better than starving and sleeping under a bridge.

For 2015 I have four long projects slated – two are finalized and ready to go, one is in its drafting phase, and the fourth is awaiting confirmation.
And I’m keeping a certain amount of “free time” for extra activities.
Should they all come to fruition, this will mean writing full time, eight hours a day, five days a week – leaving weekends for leisure activities like… ouch, writing. Continue reading