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cookI’m currently reading Kicking It by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain. A nifty little guide to crowdfunding projects, that goes to complement the crowdfunding course I followed two years ago.

The book came with a nice bundle of game-design related handbooks, and is the right book at the right time.
The text is clear, and offers examples and pointers and instruction on how to plan a crowdfunding strategy.
How to think about crowdfunding, if you will.

I have two crowdfunding campaigns under my belt – the first, started as a lark, that resulted in a huge success, and the second, accurately planned, that failed to reach 50% of the target.
It is time to rethink my strategies.
I still believe that crowdfunding is the way to go for a lot of small creators – a category in which I think I belong. Crowdfunding a project is a great way to try and dare a little more: better cover art, professional editing, extra contents.
But for me, right now, crowdfunding requires more work, and more study.
So, let’s try and learn from the best.